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Opportunity Knocks every day but all too often it is ignored.  It’s up to each individual whether they open the door to new possibilities. 

Opportunity comes in all different shapes and sizes with one common denominator, it takes work to reach.

Regardless of what you’re choice may be there are ways to reach your goal.

Here are just a few suggestions to better yourself as a person; they are proven methods you can apply to reach success.

*Change your Circumstances -
You have a choice in life to accept your position or change it. If you choose to plug along in life hoping that something will change for the better, you will not get very far. Always remember that when it comes to changing your circumstances, you can – you have that power.

*Realize Your Potential -
In order to succeed at anything, you need to see that you have the potential to reach your goals.

*Dare to Dream -
Be honest with yourself as to what you want out of life and what you want to give of your life. Allow yourself to think big.

*Focus on Something you Like
- When you start out, make a list of everything you find interesting. Then in a second column, write down the skills you have in relation to each of those items.

*Don’t Look Back - Everyone has failures or mistakes from the past. Simply move forward and make better, more educated decisions from the lessons learned.

*Don’t Give Up
-To reach success, you have to persevere. Everyone gets tired, so take a breather and remember why you started in the first place. 

*Have an Unstoppable Attitude
-You need to have determination. Like in the children’s story of ‘The Little Engine That Could’.

*Stop the Complaining
- When you are spending time complaining about the obstacles you are facing, you are wasting so much time being negative that you are actually loosing chances to move forward. Instead of thinking of challenges as problems, think of them as opportunities.

*Have a Plan  - Even if it is flimsy to begin with, you should construct a plan to include goals, milestones, deliverables such as contracts,  business plans, etc., and accomplishments. This will provide you with a visual.  Get the training need.

*Accept Responsibility
- You need to accept responsibility if you make a bad decision or fall behind in your plan. Any delays will closed several  doors of opportunities. Who is to blame?  The same goes for your successes, acknowledge when something goes right.

*Be grateful - Not only for what you have and what is to come. Say thank you at least three times a day, silently. And remember to say it aloud to everyone you meet.

* Smile  
- People are naturally drawn to a smile, it's the one thing you can do that is a universal language.  It doesn't matter if you don't feel like smiling, do it anyway until it's a habit.  It's a way of saying 'no one is going to rain on my parade' today! 

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